The operating company of GEMFOREX is the Gem-Trade Co., Ltd in Hong Kong.

The operating company of GEMFOREX will be GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED (FSP 564306) located in New Zealand. Founded in 2010, we started with offering free FX automatic trading software (EA) service, and became a bridge between traders and various FX companies.

With these visions and ideals we launched a FX company – GEMFOREX. To overseas Forex beginners who have been shunned away by long procedures to start trading or support, please don’t hesitate to give us a try! GEMFOREX supports overseas Forex beginners!

What are the benefits in using GEMFOREX?

The main feature is the free and unlimited use of over 150 Forex automated trading software (EA). You can download the automated trading software you want by simply opening an account. We thought we established a secure environment for the discrete traders and an amazing environment for system traders.

24 January 2021 Why not open an account to GEMFOREX?

GEMFOREX Traders and Exchange 16 commitments

Commitment 1 We will protect your money

In order to give our customers a safe trade life, GEMFOREX is committed to carefully protect, as a precautionary measure to do segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer’s operating funds. Also, by any chance, the margin balance becomes negative, there is absolutely no margin call.

Commitment 2 Declaration of not participating in low spread competition

Although the low spread competition is overheated in the FX industry now, but that is not the bottom line for traders. GEMFOREX declares nonparticipation in unrealistic low spread competition and aims for comfortable balance service! Although there are some restrictions with the Premium account, the spread on USDJPY is still only 0.3 pips

Commitment 3 No hidden mark-ups whatsoever

GEMFOREX strives for transparent accounting! We can assure you there are no hidden mark-ups or undisclosed additional transaction fees.

Commitment 4 No requote and contract refusal

No matter how low the spread is if these two exist, we cannot offer you a comfortable trading life. GEMFOREX promises not participate to low spread competition and declares no requote and no contract refusal.

Commitment 5 99.79% Contract rate within 0.78 seconds

We realize the significance of contract rate in trading so it’s our top priority in GEMFOREX. We promise you the highest level of contract rate in the Forex industry.

Commitment 6 Account opening in 60 seconds

The GEMFOREX account opening completes by just filling out account opening form! We support your desire to “start right away!” Easy to use even for overseas Forex beginners..

Commitment 7 Speedy even before start of trading

You can start trading at GEMFOREX right after opening an account, submission and approval of required documents! We support your desire to “start right away! We support overseas Forex beginners who are shunned away by long processing.

Commitment 8 Submit necessary documents later

You can submit the required documents after opening your account! And start trading right after approval. GEMFOREX supports your desire to “start right away!” and takes away complicated processing.

Commitment 9 No investigation when you open an account

Although we refuse those below 18 years old in GEMFOREX, we do not perform background investigation. We want to raise credibility between both sides.

Commitment 10 Fast deposit update!

Start trading in just 3 minutes after your deposit! We shortened the time for account update as much as possible. We support your desire to get started quickly!

Commitment 11 Quick withdrawal processing

Since GEMFOREX have segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer’s operating funds, in order to perform quick and smooth withdrawal, it will be done directly from the same account.

Commitment 12 We strive to give fast support!

Although it depends on the content, but basically we promise to respond within 24 hours. We aim the fastest support in the Forex industry.

Commitment 13 We provide free automated Forex trading software

For system traders to be an excellent Forex company, we promise to provide free and unlimited use of over 150 automated Forex trading software!

Commitment 14 We also provide free Forex Mirror trading

Neither PC nor MT 4 or VPS is needed. Mirror trade service makes it easy to launch and stop operation with a single button. Unlimited and free use of FX strategies. We promise to provide convenient services for beginners and busy people.

Commitment 15 We will continue to grow and develop!

GEMFOREX wants to listen to traders' opinions, requests and needs. Like a committed person, we promise to grow and develop as an industry.

Commitment 16 GEMFOREX sticks to corporate philosophy

“The entire purpose is to deliver excellent investment environment”, with this corporate philosophy in mind, we will strive everyday to aim for highest level in the industry to provide an ultimate investment services to customers.