Frequently Asked Questions


Why was GEMFOREX set up?

The agency responsible for the operation of GEMFOREX is GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED. Our Company was established in 2010, starting from free services provided by the Automated Forex Traders Software (EA). We became a bridge between the traders and various Forex companies. From such perfect ideals and visions, we launched a Forex Company – GEMFOREX.

What is GEM-TRADE?

GEM stands for Global Expansion Method. The company that delivers a system to be extended to the world, to expand the system in World Trade, aiming to be the biggest investment portal worldwide.

What is GEM-TRADE's corporate philosophy?

Each of the members of the Gem-Trade team has this thought in mind, that in every day of our full capacity, we will provide an ultimate investment service to the customers. The entire purpose is to deliver an excellent investment environment.

Please tell us about the time and how to acquire your support.

We will continue to correspond to the order in which we receive your inquiry. And also depending on the contents of the inquiry, but basically we will give a reply on weekdays within 24 hours.

Although GEMFOREX is a Forex company of New Zealand, in the case of overseas Forex companies, are the trader’s assets being safely conserved? This is my first time in overseas Forex, so I’m a little anxious.

The point where many Forex beginners gets very anxious about, right? In order to give our customers a safe trade life, we are committed to carefully protect, as a precautionary measure to do segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer’s operating funds. Also, by any chance, the margin balance becomes negative, since there is absolutely no margin call, it can be used with confidence even those overseas Forex beginners.

How to use GEMFOREX

Please teach us how to open an account.

Account Opening Form. You can complete the account establishment by simply writing on Account Opening form, and we will we issue an ID at once. There is no problem if you would like to submit the other necessary documents later. Start trading right after opening an account, submission and approval of required documents! after opening an account and making a deposit. We would like to support your desire "to start immediately!" Easy to use especially for Forex Beginners and those who are thinking of making a start with Forex in the overseas.

How many days are needed to be able to trade after opening an account?

Start trading right after opening an account, submission and approval of required documents! We would like to support your desire "to start immediately!" With very fast and simple process especially for those who are impatient in a long process of application, for those who are thinking of starting Forex and for Forex beginners from overseas. Please link here for Real Account Opening.

What are the necessary documents to open an account?

The documents needed to open an account includes: Valid ID (driver’s license, passport etc.), a copy of proof of residence (utility, credit card or cell phone bills). The address on the proof of residence and the ID card should be the same. The proof of residence must be issued within 3 months and the ID card must be valid. Please click here for further information about documentation and corporate accounts.

When should I submit the necessary documents?

Submit all the associated documents to open an account before making a request for the first withdrawal.

Do you perform background checks when opening an account?

No, we don’t run background investigation when you sign-up for an account. We would like to raise the level of trust between each other. There are no limitations as long as you are 18 years old or older. Everything is self-responsibility.

Do you have segregated management?

We have segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer’s operating funds.

How long does it take for a deposit to appear on my account?

It varies depending on how the deposit was made, for more information please see here.

How long does it take to get my money when I make a withdrawal?

We process withdrawals after checking for availability of funds, and proceed once that has been verified. It takes more or less 3 working days, for more details please see here.

What happens if my margin balance (account balance) turns negative?

In the unlikely event that the margin balance (account balance) becomes negative, there is a system that we will offset by bonus award within standard 60 minutes, even for those who did not receive a bonus, we will reset the account balance to 0 yen within standard 60 minutes and reflect the deposit amount, since there is no margin call, you can operate an active leverage management with confidence.

The deposit will not be carried out when holding positions, so please deposit your money without holding any positions or after all positions have been settled. Even if you do not have a position, there could be a time lag before 0 cut becomes effective. Please make your deposit after confirming that the number of positions is 0 (zero) in "My Account List" on My Page. In addition, 0 cut processing is not covered when transferring funds.

Can I trade from my smartphone? I l searched for GEMFOREX but I can’t set it.

You can trade from your smartphone. Go to the app store on your phone and search for “MetaTrader 4” and download the app. In the server search screen, choose GemTrade-Live, enter your login information that was provided when you opened your account and you are ready to go. If it don’t appear even after searching, please try to restart the application, restart the smartphone, clear the cache and re-install the app. Please note that you cannot open a Demo account from your smartphone MT4 app. Please use this link to open a Demo account here.

What do Margin, Balance and Credit mean?

Balance = the amount available for withdrawal.
Credit = the amount of bonus.
Margin is the balance + the credit.
This wi ll be the total capital available for trading.

A currency pair does not appear in MT4

If the currency pair you are looking for does not appear in the quotation window, right click your mouse; you will see “display all currency pairs”. If the currency pair is not available, it means that it is not included within our services. We appreciate your understanding.

Do you have automatic loss cut system?

Yes. In GEMFOREX, if the margin retention rate becomes less than 20%, it is automatically enforced.
In the case of multiple positions, the ones with the highest losses will be closed first, this system is repeated until the margin retention rate exceeds 20%

Please tell me more about the contract rate.

We have 99.79% contract rate within 0.78 seconds. This is not the number of the customer's specific account alone, but the total number of orders we keep, and the contract rate. There is also a possibility that the number will be updated on a regular basis by the market. And, as the number of LOTs increases, the part of contract also tends to be difficult. This is basic in all FX companies. Thank you for your acknowledgement and understanding.

Do you allow scalping?

Yes, there are no particular restrictions. However, we may ask you to reduce the number of messages if the volume generated from the customer's account becomes enormous creating impediments to the server. Also, in some cases, we may be able to take measures according to the Terms of Use, Guidelines, so it is safe for people who refrain from extreme trading.

It is my first time to perform opening an overseas Forex account, is a company with the narrow spread better when choosing a Forex company?

Although it is not limited to overseas FX companies, narrow spread is one of the very big attractions. Overseas FX beginner in particular is anxious whether the spread is narrow or leverage is high or low. However, the criteria for selecting overseas FX must be based from various perspectives, such as contract rate, whether deposit / withdrawal is fast or whether support is good. Please refer to the following articles for our spread and contract rate.

Can I master EA even for overseas FX beginners? Is EA free or charged?

Our company has over 150 free and unlimited FX automatic trading software (EA). We have various manuals for overseas FX beginners for simple applications. You can understand from MT4 to installation method, EA setup to MT4, EA operation method, EA back test method by viewing below. Please do use our free EA.

Please tell me more about Forex Mirror trade?

Our company does not only offer free and unlimited use of EA, but free use of Forex Mirror trade as well. Our FX Mirror Trade platform is our original with very simple specifications for FX beginners. Our overseas FX beginner users are also attracted to our mirror trade service, and many people took the challenge of overseas FX. For details please check the following.

Processing Fees

Will you take the burden of processing fees for withdrawal transactions?

In GEMFOREX, we take the burden of withdrawal processing fees for the first transaction of the month. Subsequent withdrawals in the same month will be charged $45 each. For more details please see here.


Is maximum levearge set at 1,000:1?

Regarding leverage, it depends on the account balance and financial products.

Account balance less than 2 million yen (20,000 USD) leverage is 1000:1
Account balance equal to or greater than 2 million yen (20,000 USD) leverage is 500:1

* CFD products have individual settings regardless of the account balance.
For details, please check this page.
* It is the account balance that determines the leverage, credits (bonus) are not considered.

I’m an overseas Forex beginner, how many times should be the leverage?

Our company’s leverage is 1,000 times, it’s the highest leverage in the Forex industry. However, when the account balance becomes 20,000 USD or more, the leverage will be 500 times. And, with regards to CFD products (such as Gold, Silver), leverage 100 times regardless of account balance. For overseas FX beginners, we would like you to know the correct information as to whether leverage is higher or lower, so please read the following articles about overseas FX leverage comparison.


Is it easy to do deposits and withdrawals in overseas Forex? I feel uneasy because it’s my first time in overseas Forex.

We correspond to bank transfer and various credit card settlements, so it’s easy to make deposits even for first time in overseas Forex. Also, please be reassured for quick deposit updates to your account. Click here for details.

What name will appear on my credit card statement if I use it to make a deposit?

About Withdrawal

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT Code is the standard format of financial institutions identification codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization. It is mainly used for international remittances between banks.

The bank I registered has no SWIFT Code, what can I do?

We do not accept withdrawals to banks that do not have a SWIFT Code. Please register a bank with a SWIFT Code.

Is it possible to withdraw money or transfer funds while holding a position?

Withdrawals and fund transfer are not possible until all current positions are settled ※ In case of withdrawal, the bonus amount also disappears from the account and becomes "0".

Partners (IBs)

What is an IB?

IB is the abbreviation of Introducing Broker, think of it as an affiliate.

How do I get rewards?

When you introduce a customer to GEMFOREX, and that customer opened an account and actually use it, a reward occurs according to the frequency of use. It is an attractive reward system called lifetime commission that continuously occur.

Specifically, how does the reward system workf?

It will be 10% per one round trip of customer's transaction. And, we have special reward for excellent people. For details, please check here.

How can I receive my IB reward ?

The payment will be send to your GEMFOREX account on the next 5th day of the closing month. However, we will only pay up to 5,000 yen. The amount exceeding 5,000 yen will be carry over to the next month’s balance.

Do you accept Sub-IB introductions?

We do not have any Sub-IB plans. Under all circumstances only customers introduced from your IB link will be part of your reward plan.