About the Partner (IB) of GEMFOREX

IB is the abbreviation of Introducing broker. Although it’s close to the affiliate representation in the internet service, it is mainly expressed as IB in the Forex industry. IB business is when an IB gets a reward.

The content is the mechanism that affiliate (IB) reward will be generated by introducing the overseas Forex company. It is no exaggeration to say that IB (affiliate) is one of efficient business depending on how to proceed even in the net business now. It's an affiliate (IB) program with such a possibility.

In other words, it is an affiliate (IB) program provided by a Forex company in a form of remuneration in realizing continuous reward as lifetime commission. Affiliate (IB) reward is generated by introducing a Forex company. If you are aiming for "earning, making money" over the long term in affiliate (IB), please try to challenge the IB business.

How do IB reward (Affiliate reward) occurs?
When you introduce a customer to GEMFOREX, and that customer opens an account, by the time he uses the account, a reward occurs according to the no. of times the account is used. Continuous occurrence like a lifetime commission is the attraction in the reward system. Please realize that there are many people called IB millionaires who earn IB reward (affiliate reward) of monthly incomes of millions of yen to tens of millions of yen. IB reward (Affiliate reward) table of GEMFOREX here.
Is there a way to get results from overseas Forex IB (affiliate) activities?
There are various Partner's IB (affiliate) activities to those registered to GEMFOREX IB (affiliate). There are those who set up blogs and sites, compare and verify overseas Forex companies and those who compare and verify Forex automatic trading software (EA), those who introduce our free EA or issue Forex related e-mail magazines. There are those who carry out announcement of GEMFOREX’ services and campaigns while delivering information about Forex every day. We will let you take part in GEMFOREX IB (affiliate) in a way where you are good at. It would please us if you aim for "earnings and be profitable" in the long run.
What are the things that those who are called IB millionaires who are earning monthly IB rewards of several million to tens of millions of yen from IB (affiliate) activities of overseas Forex specifically do to earn?
Many of those who are called IB millionaire who are getting IB reward of several million to tens of millions of yen monthly income from overseas FX's IB (affiliate) activities have set up blogs and sites, those who are conducting comparative verification of overseas Fxorex companies and as information material. It seems they are those people who are referred to as InfoPlaners that sells contents related to Forex (manual, EA, etc.). By all means, with this reference, aim for "earnings and be profitable" in the long run.

June 23, 2020 (Tue) Don’t you want to be a GEMFOREX partner (IB)?

The 12 Commitments of GEMFOREX to the Partner (IB)

Commitment 1 Maximum 1pips($10) Reward for each Round trip 1Lot

We promise to the IB that we agree to the condition,「Maximum 1pips($10) Reward for each Round trip 1Lot」. In this reward, the life conditions will never go down. Please experience the awesomeness of the accumulation of 1pips ($10). Reward applicable concerning bonus worth to be granted to traders is excluded. For more information, click here

Commitment 2 The delight of Plus alpha Reward!

For an excellent IB who exceeds 5,000 LOT in the middle of the month, we promise you the delight of plus alpha, a bonus gift. Please enjoy the special delight. The IB’s own worth of Lot is excluded. For more information, click here.

Commitment 3 Unlimited continuous payment!

We promise to continuously pay indefinitely the IB reward (Affiliate reward) generated from your acquired customers. Please experience the joy of unlimited lifetime commission.

Commitment 4 No Upper limit in IB Reward (Affiliate reward)

We promise no maximum limit to the IB reward (Affiliate reward) generated from acquired customers. Experience the awesomeness of knowing the ceiling of IB reward.

Commitment 5 VIP Bonus for the VIPIB

We will give a title of VIPIB to the IB with achievements exceeding a certain level set by our company throughout the year and promise to pay the VIP bonus. Enjoy the feeling of superiority in the IB party. Click here for details.

Commitment 6 We will pay the IB reward (Affiliate reward) on time.

We promise to credit the IB reward (Affiliate reward) to your account on the next 5th day of the closing month. However, the amount less than 5,000 yen will be carried over to the following month or later. Please smile when you see the number in your account balance increasing every month.

Commitment 7 Easy to win campaign!

Utilizing DRM (Direct Response Marketing), we promise to periodically hold campaigns where IB will be easy to acquire customers. We also offer individual campaigns on a per IB basis. Please contact us.

Commitment 8 Easy to continue privileges!

We promise not to spare any effort to let the customers acquired by IB to stay longer. Our company’s over 1500 FX automated trading software that traders like to use is unlimited. We will increase the retention rate.

Commitment 9 Original Promotional Tool!

There are various IB sales methods. If you request, we promise to prepare original promotional tools for each IB. Feel free to tell us your banner size and texts. ※ With preliminary examination.

Commitment 10 Tax Measures

There is a need to make a final tax return without exception for IB reward (Affiliate reward). However, for the unforeseen circumstances, everyone wants to leave as much money as possible. We promise to cooperate with your tax reduction measures! Please feel free to consult us.

Commitment 11 We will protect your money

We promise to carefully protect and do segregated management of the same amount of operating fund as of the customer’s acquired by IB! That makes it possible to respond quickly to withdrawal requests from customers.

Commitment 12 We will support the IB activities!

We promise to support the IB activities when IB hold seminars and exchange meetings. Our staff will participate and carry out speeches and individual explanations. ※ With preliminary examination

IB Opinions

At first I have been working as an affiliate of Gem-trade. I think GEMFOREX IB conditions work very well in many ways. I like very much the way you have the ears to listen.
For all the various works that Gem-Trade had been doing as an IB of Forex companies for a long time, I have been expecting you would launch your own Forex Company. I checked the details of the conditions and I do think the IB reward is the highest level in the industry.
You have broken the walls spotted in various terms and conditions of IB Reward so far. Although I know a lot of billionaires in Japan but I definitely believe that GEMFOREX will cause the birth of even more billionaires.
I’ve been living through IB reward for about 7 years but I'm thinking of changing from another company to GEMFOREX. I will give my best so I'm looking forward to doing business with you.
As Gem trade's brand power is very high in Japan, we expect many traders will use GEMFOREX. Please let me ride on the flow. I’m expecting so much from you.

June 23, 2020 (Tue) Don’t you want to be a GEMFOREX partner (IB)?