FX automatic trading software (EA) for USDJPY (dollar yen)

Dollar Yen (USD / JPY) trading refers to buying and selling between the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen.

The current rate is around 110 yen per dollar, right?

This means, "If you have 110 yen you can exchange it for 1 dollar". And, "If you have1 dollar, you can buy something at about 110 yen in Japanese yen"

And if you bought 1 dollar at110 yen, Let's say that one dollar has changed to 115 yen. (I do not think it will rise by 5 yen at a stretch though ...)

At that time, if you sold the dollar you bought, you can get 115 yen, there will be a profit of 5 yen.

The buying and selling of this dollar (USD / JPY) is not manual, it is possible to trade using what is called automatic trading software, the "Forex automatic trading software (EA) for USD JPY (dollar yen)" that I will guide you this time.

For beginners of Forex and EA, it may be easiest to start with dealing with familiar dollar yen.

Among the EA that is on the market, I think those that correspond to USDJPY (dollar yen) are still the most popular. The price movements is easy to understand (this means having familiarity with dollar yen currency pairs), because it is easier to understand, it is more secure than other currency pairs.

I think that there are a lot of scalping aimed at early morning time, the most frequent in EA for USDJPY (dollar yen). It is called "morning scalping".

If you check it immediately after getting up in the morning, most often there are positions on hold.

In that sense, it is good to be able to taste the excitement before going to bed.

Also, I think that it is common to place EA for USDJPY (dollar yen) as the axis in case of building a portfolio. Take horse racing as an example, which horse is the axis, buying a horse race or a horse, whether 3 daily double or a 3 perfecta. Something like that.

The Forex automatic trading software (EA) for USDJPY (dollar yen), first of all, is an EA of the currency pair you may want to keep.