Forex MT4 course for the beginners MT4 installation procedure

If you use the EA in the automated trading when performing Forex, you will need to use the MT4. MT4 can be installed on a PC or tablet or smartphone, you can use it in any of the cases for free. And if you install the MT4, if you can set the EA, then it will enable the automated trading. So now, let me introduce the steps to install the MT4.

From download to installation

First, you must download the MT4 installation files to your PC or tablet. Since the MT4 is a Meta Quartz's software, although it can also be downloaded from that site, it can also be downloaded from each securities companies and FX companies.

It is safe that you download from the company which you opened an account for your Forex use. For example, the MT4 download page of is as follows.

For PC (
For iPhone (

After you download the MT4 installation file, let's move the file on the remote desktop if you are using a VPS. Then proceed with the click installation work of the installation file icon. Since a dialog box will appear related to the license, put a check in the "I accept the license treaty," and then click Next.

Specify the destination folder and click "Next". Since it will be to specify the program group, click the "Next" as it is if there is no particular problem and let's proceed with the installation. When the installation is complete, click "Finish". If the installation is successfully completed, the MT4 will run as it is and will be available for use.

If you are installing the MT4 for the first time, there is no particular need to change the installation folder and program group. However, if you install two or more MT4, you have to change the folder or program group each time.

Important notes during use

When using MT4, you have to use the MT4 corresponding to the account that you opened for Forex use. When you start to run the MT4, first you have to log-in by entering the login ID and password and the server from the menu called "log in to the trading account". However, if it’s not a Forex company that you can use the MT4, you cannot use the MT4 even if you install it. Since the connecting server vary depending on Forex companies, what is reliable and the best is to download and install from a Forex company that you opened an account.

Also, when you install the MT4, you can only connect to one server in a single MT4. It’s a specification where you cannot connect to a multi number of server at the same time like a browser. For that reason, open a 2 or more account for Forex use, and if you use all of those, you will also have to install more than two MT4. For example, if you open an account at the three companies, and GemForex and Bigboss, you have to download and install the MT4 from each company.

If in case at any rate you do not know how to install, you may ask the company's support, to which you opened the account.