Forex MT4 course for beginners Try to actually use the MT4

If you trade in Forex, it is convenient if you install MT4.

Although it is better to install it on VPS, if it can be installed on a personal computer, tablet, you start up and use it immediately. MT4 has all the essential functions for trade in Forex such as displaying charts while trading.

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From chart display to trading

First, when you launch the MT4, log in with your password and login ID and server name. When you open an account of corresponding MT4 with the security companies and Forex companies, you will be notified with the ID and password and server to log-in. Let's log in by entering in accordance with it. When you safely log-in without any problems, the balance and the available margin will be displayed. The bottom right mark will change to blue to indicate that it is communicating with the server. If this remains red, it means login failure.

Currency pairs are those which the security companies and Forex companies are dealing with, it can be displayed on the chart. Naturally, the currency pair they are not dealing with is not displayed in the chart. Although there are one hour chart and 1-minute, etc. in a chart, you can use the time zone that you like.. You can change the interval of the range through the zoom and in of the chart, let's do it in an easy-to-read interval.

The initial state when you start the chart is a border line chart called bar chart. The display can also be changed to a candle stick chart. And it can also be further displayed into by a line called line chart. It would be better to use the kind of chart that you like.

There are funds in the account, if the chart can display, this means the preparation to trade is complete. When trade manually, you can place an order from order by right-clicking on the chart or you can do it from the new order of the menu. Also, if you enable the one-click trade, you can order with a single click. In placing an order, you can also perform price limit order, reverse limit order in addition to the market order.

Set the EA

If you are to do the automated trading, if you set the EA, it will automatically perform the trade. Once you set the EA you want to use, it will be transferred to the data folder of MT4. When you place the EA to the data folder, the name of the EA will be displayed in the navigator menu. If you drag the EA that are displayed in the navigator on the chart, since the parameter setting screen will pop up, if you set the parameter, the EA will start. The automated trading will start.

Automated trading in the EA will start, although it will continue to hold the position, but it is also possible to manually settle the position that was held. In addition, it is also possible to stop the EA and also it can be removed completely from the chart.

Other usage

In the MT4, it’s possible to display the indicator, to display the technical indicators, or used to read the market, draw lines, furthermore to make your own EA. Although it’s fine to use these features right away, but first, let’s activate the MT4 without any problems and let it perform the trade.

If you use the MT4, you’d meet a variety of problems at first. You would be able to use the MT4 while solving those problems. When you get accustomed to it, you’d be able to immediately solve any problems that may occur and will be able to return the MT4 to normal state instantly.

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