Forex MT4 course for beginners About the Chart

Forex MT4 course for beginners About the Chart

Chart is important if you are going to use the MT4. You cannot carry out trade without the chart.

When you installed and start-up, some chart are being displayed in the default state. Normally, you will close all of them and you will display the chart that you want to use for your own. And you will be able to trade on that chart. Since there are also different ways to use the chart, let me introduce here.

To customize the chart according to your own use

First, all of the currency pairs are displayed to the currency pair item in the default. All will be reset during emergency by right click. Then, right-click to display only the currency pairs that you want to use from the currency pair. The currency pair can be displayed or hidden in the display and hide.

When displaying more than one chart, when only a few chart can is displayed in the chart, if you select the hide all by right click, the currency pair other than being displayed to the chart will be hidden. It’s convenient.

The Chart from the Window menu can be selected in three arrangements named overlap, horizontal split and vertical split. This can be arranged in an easy to understand way that would fit you. The chart when the displayed will be displayed in one hour chart. This is also good when you view in the time chart that you want to use. You can choose such as from weekly, monthly and 1-minute chart.

Since the charts are initially displayed in a bar chart, it can also be displayed in the Candlestick and line charts. It may be good to choose what you like by clicking the "Chart" from the menu. Since the spacing of the chart in the default is sometimes also hard to view, you can widen or narrow the interval in the zoom out or zoom in.

It is also possible to change the color of the line and the background of the chart, the property is in chart item of the menu, when you click it, you can change the color, such as of the background color, bars and candles legs and grid.

When chart customizing is complete, you can drag the EA you want to use and operate, display the indicator and make more conveniently useful.

To save the chart you always use in a standard chart

MT4 requires a regular restart. Display and customize the chart each time you restart. To set to your own convenience is a bother and takes time and effort. What you can use at this kind of situation is the standard chart. If you save the chart that was in your own specification to standard chart, you can bring it out right away by just fetching it.

The way to store is, in the state that displays a customized chart, click from the Menu the "Chart" → "standard chart" → "Save as standard", it’s better if you can save with a name. When you want to bring out the chart, since there is a name of the chart that is stored in the standard chart of the chart menu, just click on it.

Since everything can be saved such as technical indicators and parameters, background color and time charts, bring these out in a chart that you set by a single click. It’s very convenient.

Standard chart of course is the chart you have customized on your own, even the chart customized by others, if you put those files in the template folder performing the installation of the MT4, you will be able to view and use. If there is a convenient chart, such as for swing trade and day trade, you may want to try them out.