Forex MT4 Course for Beginners Convenient use

Although it is essential to conduct MT4 automatic trading, there is a convenient way to use it not just to make EA run and to monotonously conduct trading but also to verify. Since MT4 can be used for free, if installed, you can use it in various ways, and using that function will enhance the trading environment for traders. I will introduce some of such convenient usage.

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Run it on holidays

The market moves only from Monday morning until Saturday morning. Since the market does not move from Saturday morning till Sunday, there is no change in the chart value, so we cannot verify or run EA on holidays. But if you operate in visual mode, you can verify EA even when the market is closed.

How to verify the EA

  1. Select "strategy tester" from menu display. Or press Ctrl + R to display the tester screen below the chart. In order to verify the EA, the tester always displays it.
  2. Select the EA you want to verify with "Expert Advisor" on the tester screen. In the currency pair, select the currency pair to use for verification.
  3. In the period, choose time to verify.
  4. Check "Use date and time" and "Visual mode" and when you click "start", the chart will run and verification will start.

When the chart moves, an arrow may be displayed on the chart, but this is because it is verifying EA, so you do not have to worry about it. The speed of the chart can be changed with the slide bar of "Visual mode", and pressing the pause button temporarily stops the chart.

Move the chart until the specified date.

Scrolling the chart and moving to the desired date is time-consuming and difficult. In MT4, there is a function to input dates and move to that point. Confirm if the chart you want to move is active and press the return key. Then a window will appear at the bottom left and you can enter the date.

Enter the year / month / date / hour / minute on that part and press the return key, the chart moves until that date. Hours and minutes may be omitted when entering.

For example, if you enter "2015/10/25 16:00" and press the return key, the chart will move to 16:00 on October 25th, 2015. Also press the home key to move to the earliest date of the chart or press the end key to move to the latest date.

Hide non-used items

Hide non-used buttons on MT4

All buttons are displayed in the upper menu item of MT4 in default. But if you do not use a button, it will be hidden and refreshed. Buttons are in two rows, divided into blocks by right and left, respectively.

First of all, right click anywhere on the button and choose "customize". As the toolbar customize window appears, select the button you want to hide from the buttons in the display item and press "Delete.” When you press Delete, the selected button is moved to the non-display item.

When you click "Close" when finished, buttons which were hidden will not be displayed. Organize the buttons and hide the buttons you do not use, you can make the menu bar in one line, it will be refreshing and easy to see.

Hide the EA currency pair

By default, all currency pairs are displayed in the indicator value display window.

You can hide one by one, but if you select "Minimize currency pairs" from the items displayed by right-clicking, it will be hidden except for the currency pair displayed as a chart. Delete all charts and click "Minimize currency pairs", all currency pairs will be hidden so you can carefully select the currency pair you want to use.

If you are using EA, the chart will be shown more and more and the charts that are not used will be deleted, but in currency value display windows only currency pairs will remain, and the currency pairs that display more and more will increase. Even in such a case, if you click "Minimize currency pairs", currency pairs other than the displayed charts are hidden and convenient because they can be quickly organized.

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