When MT4 does not operate Forex MT4 course for beginners

If you try to trade using MT4 in Forex, even if the MT4 is ready, although it’s better if it was successfully installed and running, but sometimes some problems may occur and it may not work. It’s good if you can resolve it immediately, if solving it may take time, the MT4 cannot be used that period of time. Let me introduce what are the cases in case the MT4 is not running.

You cannot install

You cannot install

The most fundamental problem is if you cannot install the MT4.

Since the installation files can be downloaded from the company that you opened an account, I think you would be able to perform that without any problems. If the installation does not proceed, make sure the platform is correct. For example, even if you try to install the MT4 for Android to Windows, it will not install.

Another thing that comes to mind as the cause for unable to install is the file download is not working out well, there is a probability the download files may be corrupted. After checking whether the platform is correct, download the installation file again and perform the installation operation again.

The server is not connecting

If the icon indicating the transmission status with the bottom right of the server is red instead of green, this means not connected to the server and cannot perform trade. If you are not connected to the server, the causes could be the following.

The server of the security company or Forex company you are using is down. In this case, you have to wait until the company's server is restored.

Even when you’re unable to able to log in to the account, you will not be able to log in when the account or server name or password is incorrect at the time of login, it will not be connected to the server. Let's confirm the correct account. Even if you logged in into a correct account, sometimes the account is frozen and is not available, You did not log in to the account in a certain period of time the use of the account will be on hold, caught forcibly frozen. There is also a case of expired account. Let’s confirm whether or not it’s frozen and request for unfreeze.

Cannot find the server during log-in

Cannot find the server during log-in

If you try to log in MT4, in some cases the server where you got a contact together with the account when you open an account may not be in the login form. If you can fill in the server, fill it and it’s good if you get forcibly logged in, if the server that you want to use is not in the login form, even if you forcefully filled it out and log in, you will not be able to log in.

If this is the case, since the server is old and does not correspond, download the installation file of the latest MT4, such as from the security company that you opened an account, you might want to install again.

The EA does not start

Also, even if you set the EA in MT4, at times the EA does not start. Whether what kind of alert comes out, first, let's check that message. When performing automated trading in the EA, you have to enable the automatic trading of the EA itself and the MT4 also enables the automated trading at the same time. There is an icon named automated trading next to the new order in the menu item's icon. Click this, if you set it to green, this will allow the automatic trading state of the MT4.

Besides, when you restart the MT4, there are also times that the automated trading is in disabled state. Let's confirm if the automated trading of EA and MT4 are both enabled.

Open an account which was specified according to the EA, there is also an EA that only works for that account. Naturally, such EA does not work in other accounts and will only display an alert when set to the other account. The EA that only operate in a particular account, let's use it in that account