Why is MT4 always popular?

Many say that the merit of overseas Forex is being able to use MT 4. MT 4 is an abbreviation for MetaTrader 4. It is a Forex trading tool developed by Russia and can be used for free. Many domestic Forex companies introduce MT4, but still few compared to overseas Forex companies. This time, I will describe the secrets and features why MT4 is always a popular tool.

Reliable tool

Reliable tool

MT4 is a trading tool used all over the world, not only with a role as a chart function but also a platform for system trading. While it is an easy-to-understand trading tool for beginners, it is also a favorite tool of senior traders because it is highly customizable.

Many traders now use MT 4 because anyone can use it. The fact that there are many users leads to high reliability. By the way, domestic Forex commonly introduced its own trading tool but since customization is impossible and it also becomes a black box, traders have no room to know even if fraud is going on.

Developed by Russia but with various language support. It also have Japanese language support, so there is no language barrier. The manual is also very easy to understand, the operation easy to remember.

MT4 can be used as it is even if the Forex company changes

MT4 is a trading tool often used in overseas Forex companies, so if you open a new account for another overseas Forex company, you can trade in the same environment as long as with MT 4 support. The hurdle of making an account with another Forex company goes down compared with the case where the trading tool differs depending on the Forex company.

Why are there many overseas Forex companies that adopt MT 4? The answer is less cost. Developing trading tools by themselves is expensive. Meanwhile, since MT 4 has already been developed and can be used for free, it can drastically reduce the cost. Instead, you can enrich your high bonus and support.

Incidentally, developing a proprietary trading tool minding the cost is also a reason to deter transferring to another Forex company. With MT 4, even if you change to another overseas Forex company you can trade right away, but if you are accustomed to your own trading tools it will be troublesome to switch to other trading tools.

System trade is possible

System trade is a method of trading automatically. In order to make a system trade, you need the EA program where the trading tools and method are installed. MT4 is a mechanism where system trade can be done by standard.

EA is also mounted on the MT4 by standard, you can carry out system trading using EA installed as it is. Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer the EA you created to MT4 and use it. Since there are many EAs that are distributed free of charge on the Internet, you can also choose based on performance and rules.

In addition, you can also create and program your own EA rules. You will need programming knowledge and skills, but if you can customize it, you can also create one unique EA and operate it with MT 4.

You can trade comfortably

You can trade comfortably

Comfort is important in Forex trading tools. If it is a heavy trading tool, so even if you order at the rate shown on the chart, the rate at the time placing an order and after the order may be different. MT4 is very comfortable in the environment without being influenced by the function of the personal computer.

Personal application is also made public, and it is also possible to trade by installing MT 4 in the mobile terminal. Because it can be used comfortably, it is also suitable for people who often go out and people who do not want to miss opportunities.

MT4の動作が重たく感じる場合は、音声を無効にすることや不要なチャートを消すことで軽くできます。使ってない機能を消すだけで、かなり動作を軽くできるので、気になる場合は試してみるとよいでしょう。 If you feel heavy movements of MT 4, you can lighten it by disabling audio and erasing unnecessary charts. You can lighten the behavior considerably just by erasing the unnecessary functions.

Abundant indicator can be used

Forex predicts the movement of the rate and places an order. Where do you refer to and what do you forecast? Of course there are ways to rely on intuition, but it is impossible to win continuously on intuition alone. There is a method to predict the future with reference to past data as an effective way to predict the future.

The past data is very useful for Forex so that the weather forecast is made based on past data. Indicator is a tool for technical analysis and technical analysis of how to predict the future from data.

Many indicators are mounted as standard in MT4. Like the EA, you can download the indicator that is published on the net and transfer it to MT 4. You can customize it to create the original indicator.

Let's take advantage of popular MT 4

I have introduced the reasons why MT 4 is popular. In addition to abundant functions, there are chart tools, with this trading tool alone, you can do Forex like a professional. Sometimes it takes time to initialize, but some overseas Forex companies support the introduction of MT 4.

For example, in overseas Forex company GEMFOREX, there is a support for MT4's PC and smartphone initial setting and offers many other EAs for free, and you can trade by maximizing the function of MT 4. If you are trading with MT 4 for the first time, let's choose the overseas Forex company that has a solid support.