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Infringing on the personal information has now become a social problem. The GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED (hereinafter: our company) recognizes that protection of personal information is a serious responsibility, based on personal information protection management system required for the protection of the personal information JIS Q 15001, construct a management system. In order to implement the appropriate information, we will implement the following initiatives.

  1. We have established a personal information management officer for the customers, business partners, company officers and employee’s personal information that will handle and determine the appropriate protection to be done.
  2. To be limited to the extent necessary in our business, with appropriate means, we will acquire personal information. At the time of the acquisition, if the office query has been cleared, acquisition and purpose of use, and to clarify the window to the query, you will get a personal information.
  3. We do not provide the personal information, except for the instruction or the like based on law, use of outside the range where they obtain the approval at the time of acquisition.
  4. We will take all measures against unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, and threats such as loss or damage. If a threat is actualized, we will endeavor to rectify safety measures.
  5. If you want to entrust the dealings with personal information to other companies, the use based consent at the time to get your personal information and in order to protect the safety management, we will provide appropriate contracts and guidance and management for contractors .
  6. If in case a change or deletion in disclosure, correction, range of provision in the personal information has been requested by the person in our company, if we have received a complaint and consultation from the person in relation to this matter, after the confirmation of appropriate identification, we will respond promptly to a reasonable extent.
  7. Company guidelines prescribed by the laws and regulations of the country is applied with respect to customer information, employee information to be handled, as well as compliance with other standards, and management and necessary correction to the appropriate operation is performed, the Personal Information Protection Management continuously review the system, we will continue to improve.

For Personal Information Inquiries, Contact us

GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED Person in change of Personal Information
Address:Level 1, 275 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga,Auckland

Handling of Personal Information

1:Personal Information Support Office

GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED Person in change of Personal Information
Address:Level 1, 275 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga,Auckland

2:The handling of personal information

  • The Personal information is information about an individual, the name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, place of work, etc., the information that may identify a specific individual.
  • The Company, with respect to the handling of personal information, will comply with the laws, regulations and other regulations regarding personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • We, in order to handle properly the personal information of our customers, has established initiatives for the protection of personal information, and conduct training for workers, as well as to maintain the proper handling, will continuously review with respect to the efforts to be able to continue to improve.
  • The collection of personal information and use are handled appropriately in accordance with a predetermined rule in the provision.
  • Without the consent of the person in question, we do not do handling of personal information that was beyond the scope of the purpose of use. Also, if you want to provide or disclose such personal information to a third party, it is done in accordance with the procedure to the provisions of laws and regulations.

3:Purposes of use of personal information to be acquired

We, with the following purposes, only within its range, (including analysis and statistics, etc..) will collect and use personal information.

  • Various settings to the server equipment, settlement agent, such as registration of EA provider Partner, and other necessary work to provide or stop our services.
  • In order to comply with the laws and regulations
  • In order to answer Personal information inquiries.
  • For confirmation of personal identification.
  • And others, in order to properly and smoothly implement the transactions and contracts with customers.
  • In order to adequately and smoothly implement the employment management, public relations activities, personnel management, personnel affairs, prospective employees, how to adapt to the prospective employees, employees and prospective employees.
  • Improvement of existing services and existing products and development of new services and new products.
  • A guide of the new service, announcements, etc. of maintenance (including the failure information), the provision of information that may be useful and necessary to our customers
  • After termination of service, inquiries from our company in order execute our business, confirmation and collection of opinion for service improvement.
  • For guidance and advertisement related to the services and others provided by our company and its group companies.
  • To correspond to each inquiries.

4:Third party provisions

  • The Company, based on the laws and regulations, long as it does not depend on the good reason, without obtaining your prior consent, does not have to disclose or provide personal information to third parties.
  • We, based on the 5. above, about giving of personal information to the third party, with the same level of strict management as our company will require thorough obligation to the contract.

5:Entrusting of handling of personal information.

The gathering and management of your personal information may be outsourced to a system operation company and support business company.

6:Option on the submission of Personal Information

The submission of personal information will be left to the free judgment of everyone.

7:Use of Cookies • External links

  • In our site, we use these for the purpose of the user’s trend survey, sign up for the cookies, application of the product. If the customer has a setting that does not use cookies, please note that there are likely to be restrictions on the functions that can be used in this web site.
  • We will use the access log files in order to investigate the trend of users. As a result, the company, IP address, you can get a statistical site usage information about the referrer information, and the like, but it does not have to use for the collection and analysis of personal information.
  • This web site, including some of the links to external sites, but does not share your personal information. Since it does not bear any in our responsibility for the collection of personal information to be carried out at the linked web site, please always refer to personal information protection policy of the linked web site.

8:Procedures to respond to your requests for disclosure of personal information

For your personal information, the disclosure of the claims, claims notification of intended use, request for correction, additional claims, deletion of claims, use of stop or a third party provides the stopping of claims, questions about other personal information, for the offering of opinion, etc., please contact the following inquiry representative or your sales representative department.

The disclosed method claim of personal information

We for the maintenance of the customer’s personal information personally allowed us to correspond to the request for disclosure. For details, see about the following claims Disclosure.

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If you do your requests for disclosure, etc., please contact us by phone and e-mail to the following disclosure request window.

Disclosure Request Window

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