Filing documents associated with account opening at GEMFOREX

At GEMFOREX, we issue an account ID after you complete the easy-to-fill online account opening.
※ Submission and approval of required documents are necessary to start trading.

Only 3 minutes from account opening to starting trading.
We want to support your desire to start trading quickly and take away the burden of long processing that shun away overseas FX beginners. This page explains about filing documents associated with account opening.

Documents associated with opening an account

Individual accounts

  1. Identification documents(Driver's license, Passport, Other documents (ID card, residence card))
  2. Residence certificate (issued within 3 months)
    ※ Utility fee receipts, credit card companies and mobile phone company bills, ID card etc.
  3. Big clear picture showing the ID card and the person himself, or large and clear picture (see sample below)

The 3 documents above are required.
※ In case of passport, you will need to submit two types of proof of address.
※ The address stated on the ID card and on the residence certificate must be the same.
In addition, the ID card must be valid, and the address certificate must be within 3 months.
If you do not have a residence certificate, a resident card can be used.

Sole proprietor accounts

For a sole proprietorship, you will need to submit additional documents to justify that status.

Corporate accounts

  1. Copy of Company registration book.
  2. Copy of the legal representative's ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  3. Identification card with a big vivid photo (see the above sample image link)

The above 3 points are required.
* The copy of the registration book is assumed to be issued within three months and the ID should be valid.

Deadline of Submission

To be submitted before the first application of withdrawal.
In addition, if you wish to receive a bonus during a bonus campaign, it must be submitted and approved in advance.

How to submit

  1. Please log-in to My Page .
  2. Upload the documents to be submitted.

There is a form at the top of My Page where the documents can be uploaded.
Once uploaded, the submission process is complete.
Please note there is a max file size of 1MB each.