GEMFOREX Euro50 (EUSTX50) Trading Conditions

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Trading Contents

Brand Symbol Minimum Price Fluctuations Minimum PriceFluctuation Value Price per 1 Lot MinimumTrading size MaximumTrading size Requiredmargin rate Limit & Stop Level(Unit: points) Longswap Shortswap
Euro50 (EUSTX50) ESXEUR 0.01000 0.01EUR 1EU Stocks50index 1.00 12500.00 1.0% 400 -0.2400000 -0.3200000

Trading hours

Brand Symbol MT4 Server Hour Regular Days Monday Opening Friday Closing
Euro50 (EUSTX50) ESXEUR GMT+2 09:00 - 23:00 09:00 23:00

Steps to start Euro50 (EUSTX50) Trading

  1. Step 1:Open a real account
  2. Step 2:Deposit the initial investment amount
  3. Step 3:Download the platform
  4. Step 4:Log in to the platform
  5. Step 5:Double click on ESXEUR from the "quotation value display column" and place an order