I tried to compare leverage with overseas Forex company Forex Broker Inc.

For Forex trading in Japan, the maximum leverage is set to 25 times.

This is because there is a system in domestic Forex traders called margin call, so if you make a high leverage trade and put out a big loss more than margin money, you have to pay a tremendous amount of margin call. To overseas Forex traders, there are many cases where this margin call is not applied, so high leveraged trading is possible. This time, I tried to compare the leverage of two companies, Forex Broker Inc. and GEMFOREX.

Forex Broker Inc. with maximum leverage 500 times

Forex Broker Inc. with maximum leverage 500 times

Forex Broker Inc. is an overseas Forex trading company established in 2012.

The base is in Malta. Forex Broker Inc. is an emerging overseas Forex dealer and is very popular mainly in the United States. Maximum leverage is 500 times, which is average level among overseas Forex traders. It is not a famous dealer in Japan, but based on the success in the United States, they are also working on Japanese support to capture Japan users.

Although Forex Broker Inc. has not acquired financial license, it’s an excellent overseas Forex trader who had accepted Japanese users until then. But because of the sudden halt in the acceptance of Japanese residents by Japanese authorities intervening and working with the Financial Services Agency of each country. They dare to manage with the stance of not acquiring a financial license. As the FSA in each country including Cyprus does not necessarily have the intervention of Japanese authorities in the future, there are an increasing number of overseas Forex traders who do not intend to acquire financial licenses like Forex Broker Inc.

Forex Broker Inc. has a leverage of up to 500 times, not noticeably high, but the spread is low, you can trade with a low spread from 0.30 pips. Therefore, rather than dealing with high leverage, it is an overseas Forex dealer specializing in scalping trade.

GEMFOREX leverage is 1000 times!

The reason GEMFOREX is endorsed by many Japanese users is that it is easy to conduct automatic trading in addition to the high leverage.

Automatic trading called Systore, is a rather high threshold for beginners, but since the mother body of GEMFOREX originally is a company that developed EA tools for automatic trading, so they are putting great effort with regards to ease of automated trading and support. If you are new to using automatic trading software, you can easily challenge GEMFOREX. Since many of the high-performance EA tools provided by GEMFOREX can also be used free of charge, you can find a trade tool that suits you from beginners to experts.

GEMFOREX is safe if you make high leveraged trades

I compared two overseas Forex traders, Forex Broker Inc. and GEMFOREX, but GEMFOREX, which is up to 1000 times the leverage, is overwhelmingly advantageous.

Both are overseas Forex companies that do not have a financial license, but GEMFOREX has a long history of operation and trust conservation is done in the Hong Kong HSBC account, so even if a major financial shock should occur, the funds are carefully maintained. Also, since GEMFOREX incorporates a zero cut system, no margin call will be raised even if the margin balance is negative. The negative portion is supplemented as a bonus the next day. Therefore, GEMFOREX is recommended if you trade with confidence using high leverage.