I tried to compare leverage with overseas Forex company AxiTrader

With the leverage limitation of maximum 25 times in Japan, it’s infinite in overseas Forex! The several hundreds of times high leverage trading is common in overseas Forex, it’s popular all over the world as well as to Japanese.

This time, I compared the leverage of two overseas Forex companies, GEMFOREX and AxiTrader.

Australia's largest overseas Forex trader AxiTrader

Australia's largest overseas Forex trader AxiTrader

AxiTrader is an overseas overseas Forex dealer based in Sydney, Australia. It is the largest trading company in Australia and a popular trader for overseas Forex traders all over the world.

AxiTrader's maximum leverage is 400 times, it is relatively low leverage among overseas Forex traders with high leverage. Leverage 500 times or more is standard among overseas Forex traders, so when you look at AxiTrader leverage, you may feel a little unsatisfactory. However, it can be said that it is suitable for those who do not rely on high leverage but want to make solid trade while maintaining proper position.

AxiTrader is good at trading with a low spread of from 0.6 pips rather than dealing with high leverage. In particular, the low spread of the Australian dollar-related currency pair is a big appeal. The secret is that AxiTrader is Australia's largest Forex dealer who can always ensure liquidity of funds.

AxiTrader also has the merit of being able to use the popular trading tool called Meta Trader 4. It is popular among intermediate Forex traders among popular overseas Forex traders, as a transfer destination. Although bonuses are few, but attractive low spread, high contracting power has gained stable support. In addition to holding asset preservation through separation management, interest is added if it is an Australian dollar account. When the amount of margin is big, the advantage of the interest rate is also huge.

GEMFOREX popular in automatic trading tools

GEMFOREX is an overseas Forex trader easy to use even for beginners of overseas Forex trading. Since it is an overseas Forex trader operated by a company of automatic trading tool called Gem Trade, the advanced automatic trading tool is popular.

The maximum leverage of that GEMFOREX is 1000 times. This level of leverage is high magnification which is outstanding among overseas Forex in the industry, where high leverage is common. For those who want to take full advantage of high leverage which is the real pleasure of overseas Forex and want to make a bold trade it would be a perfect overseas Forex trader. Automatic trading tools are mostly paid, but if you use GEMFOREX and trading more than $ 500 a month, you can use over 100 kinds of high-performance EA tools provided by GEMFOREX for free. It is recommended that you choose the one that suits your style.

GEMFOREX has long been popular since its establishment in 2010, even in the overseas Forex industry where many companies are born and disappearing and competing fiercely. The combination of automatic trading tool unique to GEMFOREX and high leverage of up to 1000 times is the only unique feature not found in other overseas Forex traders. With its unique merit, it survives to the present and is supported from all over the world.

GEMFOREX advantage if it is a high leverage trading!

Although we compared the leverage of AxiTrader and GEMFOREX, GEMFOREX is overwhelmingly advantageous with regards to the level of leverage. AxiTrader has 400 times the maximum leverage, although it is a low standard among overseas Forex traders, there are not many overseas Forex traders beyond GEMFOREX's high leverage of up to 1000 times.

In the case of high leverage trading, it can be thought that risk due to major damage is a risk, but GEMFOREX adopts a zero cut system that does not have negative more than margin, even if it gives losses by any chance. Since the loss on that day is compensated by the bonus amount of the next day, there is no margin call beyond the margin. Although pursuit is basic in Japan, GEMFOREX enables high leverage trading with less risk.

Since AxiTrader is an overseas Forex trader with strong low spread, it can be said to be a completely different type from GEMFOREX. Since AxiTrader has a lot of advantages in Australian dollar related trades, so enjoy trade with high leverage and automatic trading tools with GEMFOREX, but there are also ways to distinguish AxiTrader with high contract rate and low spread as a sub.