I tried to compare leverage with overseas Forex company FXCM

When trying to do Forex in Japan, there is a limit of 25 times maximum leverage. Speaking of Forex appeal, it is still a trade with high leverage. However, domestically there is a limit on maximum leveraging, so it is difficult to make a big profit with little funds. However, in overseas Forex, there is no limit on maximum leverage.

If you use overseas Forex traders, since they don’t accept regulation of Japan, so if you do high leverage trading, overseas Forex traders are recommended. This time, we tried to compare leverage of FXCM and GEMFOREX.

FXCM deeply related to Japanese traders

FXCM deeply related to Japanese traders

FXCM is an overseas Forex trader with a Japanese branch called FXCM Japan. For that reason, not only it creates accounts from Japan and easily do deposit processing, there are Japanese staff residents and support is complete.

Since FXCM Japan is a domestic Forex trader based in Japan, the maximum leverage regulation is up to 25 times the same with other domestic Forex traders. However, in the Head FXCM, the maximum leverage is 200 times. The Japanese support is also substantial and if you want simple procedures as well as domestic trading with everyday ease, you don’t have to choose FXCM Japan daringly.

What is convenient to FXCM in addition to regular trading is Meta trader is available. Meta trader is not available at FXCM Japan, so the merit of using overseas traders is increasing more and more. In addition, for troublesome deposits when using overseas Forex, it is possible to easily deposit money by using domestic remittance in yen. There are many overseas Forex traders with many troubles in depositing margin, so the ease of depositing FXCM is a big point.

GEMFOREX good at automatic trade

GEMFOREX is an overseas Forex trader good at automatic trading. It is highly recommended for those who want to challenge Systore (System trade). Maximum leverage is 1000 times, high compared to FXCM. The easy support and payment is also easy to understand for Japanese users and solid. If you want to conduct high leverage trading unique to overseas Forex, leverage of up to 1000 times is attractive.

Since the mother of GEMFOREX is a company that originally developed EA tools for automatic trading, over 100 kinds of automatic trading tools can be used free of charge. For those who work on automated trading, GEMFOREX is the most convenient overseas Forex trader. High freedom trading is possible using high leverage of up to 1000 times.

Stable GEMFOREX if you want high leveraged trades

Stable GEMFOREX if you want high leveraged trades

When comparing FXCM and GEMFOREX in leverage, GEMFOREX is not comparably advantageous. Leverage up to 1000 times is outstanding among many overseas Forex traders and GEMFOREX is the best if you want to do high leverage trading.

Considering the fact that the average leverage of overseas Forex companies is about maximum 500 times, leverage of up to 200 times FXCM is inevitable. The handiness of Japanese support and the ease of depositing are not much different from GEMFOREX, so the merit of choosing FXCM is low.

What is advantageous compared to overseas Forex traders is that many overseas traders with no margin call are always present in Domestic Forex traders. GEMFOREX gives bonuses the next day even if you lose more than the margin, and negative is compensated. Therefore, you will not suffer loss more than the margin. Even if you trade at a maximum of 1000 times leverage, you can operate funds with confidence. If you want high leverage trading, GEMFOREX is recommended. If you also use automatic trading tools, you can easily experience the charm of overseas Forex.