About Execution (Contract) of GEMFOREX

  • MAX 1,000 times leverage
  • No Hidden Markup
  • No requote
  • Achieves 99.79% Contract rate in 0.78 seconds
  • Nonparticipation to low spreads competition

And more! GEMFOREX continues to pursue a comfortable environment for traders. For overseas Forex beginners and those considering forex for the first time overseas, our service is made safer and easier for you.


Enforcement refers to the implications after placing an order up to commitments.
Through the success of the special dealing system development of our company, there is a 99.79% of the contract data within 0.78 seconds. We provide the highest contractual rate in the industry.


Online ordering is now available through the exclusive trading platform, anytime, during open market. We correspond to orders, without limit, price limit and reverse price limit. The position ordering is unlimited with 1,000 times leverage. Make use an excellent, one of a kind ordering system in the industry.

※Although the frequency may change by the customer’s usage environment, there are times the communication will be cut off temporarily during your use of the MT4.
We may not be able to accept new order and settlement order during line interception. So we recommend specifying the settlement reverse limit for each transaction. We hope for your understanding that at the time of the above, even if you have suffered a loss during dealings, you cannot be compensated for such amount.

About the Order reception inadvisability zone

Basically, dealings are possible 24 hours during the market price is open, we will stop accepting orders before and after the New York market closes at Japan time from 5:55 to 6:05 in the morning (during winter time, from 6:55 to 7:05 am), because bank rates rises up carelessly at this time.

Absolutely no hidden mark up

A broker often carries out a risk of mark-up that a customer wasn't informed about. Although it involves various problems like company’s physical strength, business policy issues, lack of policy. We think that the Maximization of profits of the company is afterall, building a long-term relationship with our customers. We have a policy to provide a highly transparent dealing environment to our customers. We also think that with these policies, our customers would be able to enjoy a very fair service. Our company declares absolutely no hidden mark-up.

The reassurance of 0-cut processing

In the unlikely event that the margin balance (account balance) becomes negative, there is a system that we will offset by bonus award within standard 60 minutes, even for those who did not receive a bonus, we will reset the account balance to 0 yen within standard 60 minutes and reflect the deposit amount, since there is no margin call, you can operate an active leverage management with confidence.

※ Attention. This is unenforceable when holding a position.
If the Company deems it necessary to execute a zero cut due to trading conditions or other reasons, it may take some time to execute the zero cut.

Loss cut level

The Loss-cut level (automatic loss cut) is the level where the outstanding position is automatically closed in order to protect the customer’s safety. Our company enforces this when the margin retention rate became less than 20%.

If the margin retention rate falls below 50%, we will make a margin call and assume a force loss cut when it falls below 20%.

99.79% Contract realization within 0.78 seconds

In recent years, there are many companies that have set their goal to provide low spread to customers, and we noticed that the excessive spread competition is spreading. Our company has raised a principle against the occurrence of this kind of situation in the industry.

For specific explanations,

Low spread brokers often tend to re-quote by nature.
Reqoute means representation of rate when the order was made.
There is a risk involve in the unintended movement of the market from the moment a trader wants to trade.
Also, regarding contracts, in the contract rate of 5-6 out of 10 times order (in reference to other companies), it does not mean that the same traders will be satisfied.
Apparently this may mean that risk seems to be the pitfall of low spreads.

Our Company does not participate in the low-spread competition. We are putting our energy in order to provide genuine liquidity.
As a result, we realized the provision of 99.79% contract rate in 0.78 seconds by the cooperation of the major banks, development of a dealing system with the highest level by the excellent development team, non-performance of intentional re-quotes.
The pretense of low spread presentation makes a clear distinction, making it possible to make the trading in an ideal environment.
Please do try this ultimate trade environment.
※There may be influences from the market, there is no assurance of guarantee.