Stock index

Nikkei 225 The Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange which is the third largest stock exchange in the world.
CAC40(FRA40) Among the listed stocks of Euronext, Paris, the adjusted market capitalization weighted average index composed of 40 stocks with large volume and market capitalization and belonging to a representative industry is called the CAC 40 (FRA 40) index.
DAX(GER30) The DAX index (Dax index) is also called "German stock index" in Japanese, and among the listed stocks of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange managed by the Deutsche Securities Exchange, it is a floating stock adjusted market capitalization weighted stock index targeting 30 best-selling German companies.
FTSE 100 (UK100) FTSE 100 (UK 100) is an abbreviation for Financial Times Stock Exchange and is a stock index consisting of the top 100 stocks with the highest market capitalization listed on the London Stock Exchange. The index started in 1984 is managed and calculated by the FTSE Group, a British stock index owned by the London Stock Exchange and a related data service provider.
NASDAQ (US100) It is the NASDAQ comprehensive index of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange of the second largest stock exchange in the world (following the New York Stock Exchange), and its NASDAQ 100 (US 100), which is its subsidiary, is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange With 107 shares being issued by the most outstanding 107 nonfinancial companies is a structured stock index.
US30 (DJ30) US 30 (DJ 30) is the world's most noteworthy stock index in the United States. Dow Jones chose a typical American stock and it is an average stock index indexed by its average stock price. Sometimes it is called the New York average stock price or the Dow Jones industrial average stock price in Japan.
US500 (S&P500) US 500 (S & P 500) is a representative stock index in the United States. Also called S & P 500, it is called S & P, taking the initials from what American Standard & Poor's has elected. It is one of the representative stock indexes in the United States.
ASX200 (AUS200) The brand consisting of the top 200 market capitalization of the companies listed in Australia. The general market capitalization weighted average price index is used for calculation. The index is issued by the Dow Jones Index.
Euro50 (EUSTX50) Euro 50 is made up of 50 excellent stocks selected from stock markets of 11 countries, Euro area, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Germany and France.
Hang Seng50 (HK50) One of the Hong Kong stock indices calculated by Hang Seng Index Service. 50 companies with high market capitalization are selected and organized out of the brands being traded at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which is the special administrative district of China. It is one of the important indicators in the Hong Kong stock market, but it accounts for 70% of the Hong Kong stock market capitalization.