EA Unlimited Use Service

EA Unlimited Use Service

GEM-TRADE Co., Ltd, the operating company of GEMFOREX, was founded in 2010, and in October of that same year launched "Gem Trade", a service offering free EA. At that time, expensive EA was dominant in Japan and there was no familiarity with free EA, so a severe shock took place in the Forex industry and system traders. Because of that, Gem-Trade naturally would come out when speaking of "Forex automatic trading", they were able to make it on Top in Japan for the service offering EA.

GEMFOREX will make use of the same strength as the operating company Gem-Trade, and you can use Gem-Trade free EA in GEMFOREX account.

Since EA is free and unlimited, you do not need to purchase EA from the beginning, you can also the money to buy EA in your trade.

Moreover, because it’s free, it will take away your worries like, "It may not be useful" or "It may not fit my trade style". It is also very recommended for beginners and those who want to try different things.

Of course, GEMFOREX is not only about free EA, since we aim for the top, we strive to improve our services on a daily basis through total balance in trade, we are certain all account holders will be satisfied. Please think about that.

What is EA?


EA stands for "expert advisor" and it is a very convenient function to use on MT4's meta trader platform. EA is a tool to help you in Forex trading.

There are various trading methods in Forex, but there is a method to do automatic trading rather than doing it on your own. A method wherein logic are set in advance as a program, such as in what kind of situations / scenes to buy or sell, so it performs trade even when you’re not looking and generates profit. The merit of automatic trading is not limited to automatic, but to be able to buy and sell in accordance with certain rules, regardless of emotions and expectations that are considered when trading by yourself as well.

You can run it for 24 hours, 365 days just by setting EA you want to use in MT 4. It is the best tool for beginners or those who are not sure of their method or do not have a trade style yet, that they cannot analyze the causes of losses be themselves. However, not just any EA will do. Insufficient understanding of the contents may cause a large loss depending on the features and logic that the EA has. You need to be careful when choosing an EA.


Various convenient functions


The number of download and by order of performance is posted in the free EA popularity ranking, you can check at a glance which EA currently have the best performance, by detailed performance, winning probability, win / lose, PF, profit / loss ratio, acquisition pips. You can check the maximum drawdown, ROI, unrealized profit and loss, and can confirme daily, by days of week, by time zone, by currency pair, so you can check trends and measures at a glance. Also, since there are two performance graphs, including the finalized settlement amount and the unrealized profit / loss, the potential margin can also be checked at a glance.

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Check how to use! Now!

Popular EA Download Ranking

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Popular EA Performance Ranking

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Use Procedure

Step 1:Open GEMFOREX account

By establishing GEMFOREX account (all in one account) will enable you to see the registered EA's performance (such as PF value / trading frequency / winning probability/ profit & loss ratio / trade style / trading currency / acquisition pips / logic explanation) and manual . Please check out the real time performance of the registered EA first.

Open a Real account Now! Opening completes in 30 seconds!

Step 2:Understand the Terms of Use

There are four user categories in the EA unlimited use service and usage conditions vary according to each user category. Please confirm the Terms of Use below and pay the required deposit according to your desired usage category.

Account Fund Balance Usage restriction
Beginners Beginners Dollar Account: From $ 500 or more to less than $ 1,000
Yen account: From 50,000 yen or more to less than 100,000 yen
One from all EA can be used per month.
Advance Advance Dollar Account: From $ 1,000 or more to less than $ 2,000
From 100,000 yen or more to less than 200,000 yen
Up to three from all EA can be used per month.
Professional Professional Dollar account: $ 2,000 or more to less than $ 3,000
200,000 yen or more to less than 300,000 yen
Up to 5 from all the EA can be used per month.
Masters Masters Dollar Account: $ 3,000 or more
300,000 yen or more
Usage restriction: Unlimited use from all EA.

Step 3:Deposit to GEMFOREX account

In the EA unlimited use service, you need to confirm the following terms of use and deposit 50,000 yen (500USD).

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About the Account fund balance

The balance of the account is judged by the balance at the end of the month, and on the 1st day of the following month, the change of the user category is carried out with the outstanding cash. If there is a possibility of demotion from user category, you can continue with the same category by depositing an amount that satisfies the current user category by the last day of the month. Also, if additional payment was made in the middle, please contact support.

About using multiple accounts

In the case of using with multiple accounts, it is necessary to carry out EA downloading for each account, and because you cannot move EA between accounts, we appreciate your understanding. Also, since the user category is also judged individually for each account, we ask for your understanding.
* As for the contents of the user classification, please understand beforehand that conditions may change unexpectedly.

Step 4:Start using

If the deposit amount is reflected in the desired account, normally it will be available in several hours, but if you cannot use it after 24 hours, please contact support.

Step 5:Download EA

Please check the EA you want

here, then click the [Use] button. The selected EA will be reflected in My Page. If you can download it to the PC from there then it is complete!

Step 6:Operation of EA

Automatic trading will start if you set up EA to MT 4 and operate it with reference to the following EA usage manual.

※ Please check here for MT4 download method and basic usage.