Forex Mirror trade unlimited use service

Forex Mirror Trade is a server type Forex system trading tool and just by selecting the strategy you want, the trader does not even have to launch their own PC, of course, no VPS is required, and a meta trader is also not necessary. It is an innovative mechanism that the system itself places an order directly to the Forex company and operated automatically. It is called Mirror because it’s as if you could use a professional trader or EA's trading system as if it were reflected in a mirror

What is GEMFOREX Mirror trade service?

Mirror trade service exists abundantly both in Japan and abroad, but most domestic companies adopt services of foreign companies called Mirror trader (system rental). Out of that, most of spreads is added about 1pips.

Since GEMFOREX's Mirror trade service is original developed by us, it is very easy to use, with specifications tailored to our account even with regards to usage and there is no additional on the usual spread. And we are also publishing the performance indications in quite detailed way so we are looking forward for traders to enjoy the contents.

Pick-up Forex Strategy

※ The Pick–up Forex introduces the strategies recommended by the GEMFOREX secretariat.

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Popular Forex Strategy

  • 7days
  • 30days

※Popular Forex strategy introduces strategies with a large number of use in ranking format.

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Forex Strategy Performance Ranking

  • 30days
  • all transactions

※ The Forex Strategy Performance Ranking is based on the confirmed profit / loss after the operation and it is introduced as the ranking of the performances.

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Latest Forex Strategy

※The latest Forex strategy is introduced to the latest strategy order.

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Use Procedure

  1. Step 1: GEMFOREX Account opening

    By opening the (All-in-one account ) of GEMFOREX account will enable you to see the performance of the registered strategies (such as PF value / trading frequency / winning percentage / profit and loss ratio / trading style / trading currency / acquisition pips / logic description) First of all, check the real-time performance to see what kinds of strategies are registered.

    Open a real account now! Opening complete in the shortest 30 seconds!

  2. Step 2: Application for use

    Login to my page. Please make an application from Mirror Trade in My Page.

    If you already have an account for Mirror Trade, from the left side. If you do not have an account for Mirror Trade, please click on the "New Registration" button on the right side.

  3. Step 3: Make a deposit to GEMFOREX account

    In the Forex Mirror trade unlimited use service, 4 user classifications has been prepared, use conditions varies in each user classification. Check out the use conditions below. You need to deposit the fund depending on the user classification of your choice.

    Account fund balance
    Dollar account
    From $ 500 or more to less than $ 1,000
    Yen account
    50,000 yen or more to less than 100,000 yen
    Use limitation
    one available out of all the strategy.
    ※Any Changes on the way can be done in unlimited number of times.
    ※Addition is not available in the status, Account fund balance below $ 500 (50,000 yen).
    Account fund balance
    Dollar account
    From $ 1,000 or more to less than $ 2,000
    Yen account
    100,000 yen or more to less than 200,000 yen
    Use limitation
    Available up to 3 out of all the strategies.
    ※Any Changes on the way can be done in unlimited number of times.
    ※Addition is not available in the status, Account fund balance below $ 500 (50,000 yen).
    Account fund balance
    Dollar account
    From $ 2,000 or more to less than $ 3,000
    Yen account
    200,000 yen or more to less than 300,000 yen
    Use limitation
    Available up to 5 out of all the strategies.
    ※Any Changes on the way can be done in unlimited number of times.
    ※Addition is not available in the status, Account fund balance below $ 500 (50,000 yen).
    Account fund balance
    Dollar account
    $ 3,000 or more
    Yen account
    300,000 yen or more
    Use limitation
    Unlimited use from among all the strategies at the same time.
    ※ No matter what type of user classification, each strategy is available for free.

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    About the Account fund balance

    The account fund balance is determined in the balance at the end of the month. The changes of the user classification will be performed according to the fund balance in the first day of the following month. If there is a possibility of user attribute demotion, if you can deposit the amount to meet the user attribute until the end of the month, it will be possible to continue the attribute as it is. Furthermore, if the user classification was raised by the additional deposit on the way, please confirm them in our company support.

    About use restrictions

    Although it will be the monthly number of use of the system, but it will be possible to change on the way to unlimited number of times.
    For example, in case of the beginners, since normally only 1 system is available, although multiple use is not possible, but you may change the system on the way. Operate the multiple systems. In case you want to create a portfolio, we recommend that you ask for an advice.

    Regarding in case of using multiple accounts

    We ask the preparation in additional at any time.
    However, we do not currently support the simultaneous operation of the same currency denomination.

    ○ USD account, JPY account simultaneous operation possible
    × USD account, USD (2nd account) simultaneous operation not allowed

    And, since the use conditions are determined by each account, please acknowledge beforehand. For example, in case there is a deposit to the Yen denominated account of 50,000 yen, to the dollar denominated account of $500, although the status of either account is beginners, for the determination in each account, one of the strategies will be available in a month in one account.
    ※ With regards to the contents of the user classification, since there is a possibility that conditions may change unexpectedly, please take note.

    In case of using a demo account

    ・The moment we receive an application to use Mirror Trade from My Page, one demo account for Mirror Trade is automatically prepared.
    ・Please refer to the procedure 4 and the following for usage procedures.
    ・The use of demo account starts from false account balance of 1,000,000 yen.
    ・The number of strategies that can be selected at once in the demo account is up to 10. If you want more than 10 strategies, please change.
    ・Demo accounts cannot be settled manually, so it is necessary to stop, delete, etc., when you do not have a position.
    ・The use of contract notice function is not available in the demo account.

  4. Step 4: Account Application

    If the amount paid to the account you want to use the Mirror Trade service is reflected, click the "Allow Mirror Trade" button from "My Account List" on My Page. Next, please apply for account from "GEMFOREX account opening · information application / change" in My page

  5. Step 5: Start of use

    Once the deposit amount is reflected to the account you wish to use, usually, although it may take a few hours to be available for use, in case 24 hours had lapse and still it is in a state that cannot used, please contact the support.

  6. Step 6: Select the strategy

    Check the strategy that you like here, please select. The selected strategy will be reflected in My Page, the running & stop in the My page is possible in one button.

  7. Step 7: Operation of strategy

    By pressing the start button in the Mirror trade strategy list of My Page the operation begins and trade can be performed. When you want to stop, by pressing the stop button you can stop the operation immediately.

Procedures to receive signals with real accounts selected strategies

  1. 1: Click on the "Click for details" button in each performance list.

  2. 2: As the performance page is displayed, click on "Use the strategy [●●●●] ".

  3. 3: Magnification is set.

    The magnification that can be specified is "0.1" or more. Magnification is if you set the published performance ordering LOT setting to "1", it will be multiplied by the number of LOTs in your account. Customers using demo accounts should set the magnification of the demo account.

    In the case where the ordering LOT of the published performance is 0.1 LOT and the magnification is set to "1", in the customer's account, it is entered at 0.1 LOT. If the magnification is set to "3.5", the customer’s account will be entered at 0.35 LOT.

  4. 4: Please input the numerical value to the magnification and click the "New registration" button on the right.

    A popup window will open like a red frame, so click "OK".

  5. 5: Complete

    The operation setting is completed. Let's check it. From the menu, click "Strategy List" in the red frame.

  6. 6: The selected signal was added.

    In the future, it is possible to start, stop, delete and change the magnification of the signal from this strategy list.

Let's try to use My List function!

With Forex Mirror Trade, there is a "My List" tool that analyzes signals based on past performance. Please use it and let us help you in selecting the portfolio.

  1. 1: If you see the performance and you find the signal you like, click the "Register Strategy" ●●●● " to My List" button in the red frame.

  2. 2: A popup window opens, so click "OK".

  3. 3: Registration to My List is completed here.

    Let's check it now. Select "My List" from the menu on My Page.

  4. 4: It was confirmed that the selected signal was added to the list.

    I think that the profit and loss curve is not yet displayed, so if you click on the red frame "Display profit and loss curve with above setting", the graph will be displayed.

Select multiple signals to create a portfolio

My list function can select multiple signals. By repeating steps 1 and 2 of My List function, it is possible to accumulate favorite signals on the list.

  1. 1: I tried adding 4 signals to My List.

  2. 2: About each item


    Only those checked in the check box are subject for asset curve formation.

    Setting magnification

    The magnification can be set individually for each signal.


    Deletes the signal from the list.


    Adds to the strategy list from My List for actually running.

  3. 3: When you click the red frame "Display profit and loss curve with above setting" graph is displayed.

    Multiple curves are displayed, and the signal individual curves and the summed curves are displayed. If you try moving the mouse pointer on the graph, the details are displayed.

    By all means, I hope you’ll find your favorite portfolio and use it for the operation of Forex Mirror Trade.